2 thoughts on “Dealing with Panic Attacks

  1. Extremely good advice from my fiancĂ©e. I did suffer for decades from crippling anxiety and panic attacks, the latter increasing with my stress load. Things came to a head in a job a few years ago in which I had overextended myself within my Recovery, and I had to apply mindfulness and meditation techinques I had heard about similar to these in order to cope. It worked so well, I created this “meme” https://i.imgflip.com/1fko5f.jpg

    Along with an approach of biochemical normalisation, I can consider myself to be ‘cured’, if such a thing ever actually exists. No one approach is effective in itself, it requires a coordinated effort addressing diet, lifestyle, and personal attitude change in my opinion. We severely underestimate the impact of stress in our lives I find, I know I did. Attempting to be rid of anxiety, panic attacks, or the like without actively cutting out the sources of stress in one’s life is akin to swimming against the tide I feel strongly.

    This will, in many cases, entail profound lifestyle changes including financial and social status. One has to ask oneself if the latter two were ever healthily sustainable if they were at the expense of a deeper understanding of happiness. I am thankful I was able to make the “leap of faith” required when I had so little in the way of personal immediate supporting evidence. In my case at least, it has been a case of “Build it, and they will come”. I hope others have the same result.


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