Coffee and Dairy – maybe they’re just not that into you..


I have given up SO much that the thought of giving up coffee and dairy was simply too much to bear, so I turned a deaf ear to all things anti-coffee and dairy, I didn’t want to know. It was my morning ritual and it bought me joy. Deep down inside (not even that deep) I knew it was not good, not even the coffee itself but my longstanding love affair with milk and all things dairy.

Turns out I had to break the ‘coffee ritual’ down into pieces. I’d always had a thing around takeaway coffee. As a single stay-at-home mum for many years, I felt if you could afford a daily coffee (setting you back around $30 per week) then you were wealthy. I associated that whole take-away cup with being in a good financial situation. Fast forward a few years down the track and I was in that good financial situation, working full time with a job that offered autonomy and a good salary, I not only had one coffee a day, I had up to three. Although I must concede, in accordance with the law of diminishing returns, the first one was always the best one.

Part of my love affair with coffee was the take-away cup. It had to be a nice cup. Not shiny and cheap looking. I liked the recycled look, I liked the sippy lid. I liked the feel of ordering it and walking around with it.

Last year, I had a mental and physical breakdown and I’ve been slowly clawing my way back to health, with adrenal fatigue and hormonal issues, sadly coffee was the first thing to go. As I’ve reintroduced it I’ve really struggled to making it enjoyable again without dairy. Since I’m now once again in a less financial situation, the expense is also an issue along with the caffeine. Its taken a long time to find a happy medium, but I’ll share my secret with you.

Milk does awful things to a persons digestion. I don’t believe it’s good for anyone and women in particular don’t need to be dosed up with any more endocrine disruptors. Almond milk URGH. Soy milk – double URGH…Coconut cream… yeeees hello there! the humble coconut cream $0.90c a tin at coles and does 2 coffees (45c per cup). 200 recycled coffee cups eBay $19 (10c per cup), decaf Aldi pod 30c per cup. Voilà! a very satisfactory cup of pseudo-coffee.

Variations on this yummy drink include using Caro, or pure organic cacao with xylatol to sweeten (for a very yummy hot chocolate). Caro is natural but unfortunately it is not gluten free. You can however use chai, dandelion or tumeric – sky’s the limit! Even a few drops of vanilla essence can make for a creamy treat.

It may sound silly but the whole take-away cup does it for me. I feel rich. I feel special and now I can feel rich and satisfy that morning craving for $0.85c, and let me tell you, its extraordinarily good with the coconut cream.

True story.

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