Sick? Blame your Doctor.


I was at my GP yesterday, and I decided to ask him for my appointment to be free; because I was still sick, and he hadn’t been able to fix me. I didn’t really, but I coulda.

As ludicrous as this may sound, in Ancient China (and some other countries too) that was precisely the way it worked for over 3,000 years – minus the past 300 or so. You paid the doctor to keep you well, and when you got sick, the payments ceased, making the Doctor work harder to get you better. A Doctor’s income was determined by how healthy his patients were.

The Chinese have a saying, “It is easier to close the stable doors than it is to chase down the wild horses”. If your horses have bolted, then you clearly were not getting the care you needed from your Doctor, and I always think it’s nice to be able to blame somebody, don’t you think?

Seriously though, I have a lot of respect for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The five arms of TCM include dietary therapy (being the most important as the premise is that with the right nutrition, a body can heal itself), acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage and bone setting and martial and meditative arts. The focus is very much on prevention and health maintenance, such a far cry from how our Medical model works today. I use the word ‘works’ loosely.

Much as I want to blame the Doctor, I’m aware that the root cause is a faulty community mindset due to a lack of education on what real health is all about. Add to this our convenient GMO, highly processed, sugar, fat and salt laden diets with a side-dish of over-scheduled, debt-ridden, stressed-out, chemically-toxic death-styles.

Those ancient Chinese Doctors must have seen that coming this last 300 years. Who wants not-get-paid by their doughnut-munching, alcoholic, workaholic, overweight, sugar, fat, salt-addicted clients?

I’m only just learning about real health now. I thought I was healthy before, with my slab of steak and tiny side of broccoli and carrot, my dairy, my coffee, my processed treats. I was kidding myself. I did try to follow a traditional Chinese diet for my kidney constitution, but it was not too helpful as things like turtle and chicken’s testicles are hard to find at Coles.

It was also suggested by a TCM Doctor that two serves a week of semen from a physically/psychologically healthy male for three months would get my Chi back in order and help my Chronic Fatigue go away. She told me my condition was too far gone to simply take the semen capsules (not as “potent” excuse the pun). Hm. I didn’t know what was worse, canvassing for a healthy male donor or ingesting the semen of some “unknown” in capsule form.

I’m not saying they have a monopoly on health, some of it’s unquestionably a bit dodgy. However, there is something to be gained by doing your own research and working out what is right for you.

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