Sensory Toys and Weighted toys


Children with autism, trauma and other sensory disorders, can greatly benefit from a range of sensory toys and activities, especially as part of a sensory diet.

A sensory diet can be thought of as being similar to a food diet, but instead of food a child has a planned and scheduled activity program that encourages a variety of sensations to be experienced throughout the day. Children with an ASD / Autism or a sensory integration disorder follow their individual plan to help them meet their sensory processing needs and feel calm, alert and organised.

Remember also you can be a bit resourceful and creative. Places like the reject shop and normal toy stores are filled with sensory items. Weighted toys can be expensive, but think about snake draft excluders and cute doorstops shaped as owls, dogs and cats.

I have to add this on a humorous note, I was at the pet store the other day when I noticed ‘Thunder Shirts’ for Dogs and Cats!! The same principle applies as for humans, the weight makes them feel secure. Funny though!! haha




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