Coffee and Dairy – maybe they’re just not that into you..


I have given up SO much that the thought of giving up coffee and dairy was simply too much to bear, so I turned a deaf ear to all things anti-coffee and dairy, I didn’t want to know. It was my morning ritual and it bought me joy. Deep down inside (not even that deep) I knew it was not good, not even the coffee itself but my longstanding love affair with milk and all things dairy.

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The Inconvenience of being Healthy


This morning as I ‘inserted’ a range of supplements via a home made suppository (125% better absorption) and chugged down my super green food, chia, flaxseed, maca powder, home grown egg, magnesium, psylium smoothie, I though to myself.. ‘uuurgh’. Then I thought, I can feel a blog coming on. (amongst other things). Continue reading “The Inconvenience of being Healthy”